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Corporate Identity and Branding Design in North Carolina

Outstanding Identity makes your business stand out.
Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of a successful communications program is a well-designed Corporate Identity. More than just a logo, Corporate Identity involves the entire essence and personality of a company, from basics like color, signage and stationery to packaging, advertising and collateral. Our Corporate ID and Branding solutions are both visually and verbally in tune with your brand, and your customers.

Killer Creative creates stand-out design.

Boost Your Business Brand Image with a Killer Raleigh Logo Design

The basic building block to start any successful business brand image is the logo design, often called a Brand Mark, Logomark, or Corporate Signature. This forms the basis from which to build your Corporate Identity or brand.

Before starting on any logo design project it is important to first examine all aspects of your potential brand, including customer demographics, target positioning, and existing competitors. Only then does the logo design process begin, taking all variables into careful review and consideration for the strongest design solutions. Typeface, symbol, and color are all selected with utmost care and steadfast deliberation to make your business stand out from your competitors.

Logo Design, Corporate Identity and Branding in Raleigh NC

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