Moms and Dads, take heart. The  Sienna Minivan campaign that has been airing recently is trying to let you know, it’s ok— possibly even cool…to surrender to the minivan. But it’s not an ordinary minivan, no, that’s not cool. It’s the Swagger Wagon. AKA: marketing genius.

If you’re in the mom and dad demo, then you’ll get it. Your life and individuality becomes background to the demands of the family. You no longer rule the roost…your short little progeny does. You do it all for them. Binkies, bottles, diaper bags, strollers, monitors–these are the surroundings of your new life. The Mini Cooper and pickup truck, reminders of the former life you once knew. You need family transportation now.

So how exactly do you tell families that it’s ok to shun the blight of the oversized SUV and re-embrace the…gasp…minivan? Enter the Sienna campaign– a humorous series of short commercials shot in mockumentary / Modern Family style. Mom is a former sorority chick turned supermom, dad has the obligatory receding hairline and is desperately trying to hold on to the waning strands of cultural relevance and chutzpa he thinks he still has, and of course two adorable kids. Perfect casting.

…singing Farmer In the Dell in Perfect Harmony
when I’m rolling with my posse in the HOV
We rock the SE not an SUV
and its true if I were you
I’d be jealous of me…”