If you’ve habitually binge-watched the Netflix series Stranger Things, then you are no doubt familiar with its iconic opening title sequence. It’s just SO good that you can’t fast forward over it. The droning, pulsating, retro-techy synth track pulls you in as the glowing letters slowly come into the screen to spell out the title.

There’s something about it though—it feels just right for the early 1980s sci-fi setting that the series takes place in. This is a perfect example of how carefully selected typography can evoke so many subtle undertones. Designed by the agency Contend, and animated by Imaginary Forces, the typography is carefully set in ITC Benguiat which evokes the 80s, influenced from book covers and videotape anti-piracy warnings of the era.

Check out the great video put together by Vox to learn more on how the visual title sequence came to be. (And if you’d like to check out how the soundtrack originated, here is a great interview with composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.)

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