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I was asked recently to help my friend Steve and his wife with a project they are working on for April’s Angels, a local Cary, NC based nonprofit foundation that provides fantasy bedroom makeovers for chronically ill children. They volunteered to help makeover a bedroom with a city theme, complete with a working stoplight and some imagery of our beautiful city of Raleigh.

It was the last part they needed a hand with, so Sunday night Steve and I trekked downtown with our cameras in tow to capture some (hopefully) nice sunset scenes of the Raleigh NC skyline. We waited patiently at Boylan Bridge Brewpub for the overcast sky to clear up, enjoying the skyline view with a couple of delicious brews, even taking a quick tour of the facilities with the Brewpub’s owner. The overcast decided to stay so the warm orange glow we were hoping for never came. Still we shot with what we had to work with and some kudzu down the street provided some interesting foreground texture.

By this time the light was fading fast so we decided to head down to Fayetteville street for some quick shots, then over to the money shot view of Raleigh on South Saunders. The funny thing is that Sunday night traffic is light, and we had quite a challenge waiting for equal traffic on both sides of the street to fill the long exposures with balanced light trails.

Overall it turned out well for the light we had to work with, and very soon a deserving 12 year old is going to get a very nice makeover for his bedroom.

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