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Linotype: The Film video

"Linotype: The Film" Official Trailer from Linotype: The Film on Vimeo.

In 1886, an inventor named Ottmar Mergenthaler was the first to realize the vision of an automated typesetting machine, speeding up exponentially what had been until then a slow, tedious hand process of setting lead type one single character at a time. This machine would nothing less than revolutionize the printing and publishing industry, uncorking a new wave of communication much as the internet revolutionized our generation. The cutting edge machine that Mergenthaler invented became known as the Linotype (Line o’ type), referring to it’s ability to set metal type an entire line at a time. It was incredibly complex, with many moving parts and took a skilled operator to work it. It immediately became ubiquitous in publishing and print ...

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Photo Op: Downtown Raleigh, or Kudzu Will Take Over The South image

raleigh nc skyline stock photo

I was asked recently to help my friend Steve and his wife with a project they are working on for April’s Angels, a local Cary, NC based nonprofit foundation that provides fantasy bedroom makeovers for chronically ill children. They volunteered to help makeover a bedroom with a city theme, complete with a working stoplight and some imagery of our beautiful city of Raleigh. It was the last part they needed a hand with, so Sunday night Steve and I trekked downtown with our cameras in tow to capture some (hopefully) nice sunset scenes of the Raleigh NC skyline. We waited patiently at Boylan Bridge Brewpub for the overcast sky to clear up, enjoying the skyline view with a couple of delicious ...

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