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Stranger Things: Typography Sets The Tone video

If you’ve habitually binge-watched the Netflix series Stranger Things, then you are no doubt familiar with its iconic opening title sequence. It’s just SO good that you can’t fast forward over it. The droning, pulsating, retro-techy synth track pulls you in as the glowing letters slowly come into the screen to spell out the title. There’s something about it though—it feels just right for the early 1980s sci-fi setting that the series takes place in. This is a perfect example of how carefully selected typography can evoke so many subtle undertones. Designed by the agency Contend, and animated by Imaginary Forces, the typography is carefully set in ITC Benguiat which evokes the 80s, influenced from book covers and videotape anti-piracy ...

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Think Small. video

"Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?" from Dial M Films on Vimeo.

Lemon. Think Small. This fascinating mini-documentary (18 mins) takes us behind the creation of one of the most iconic advertising campaigns of all time. And over 50 years later, they are still among the greatest. More background on the film at Adweek: This Short Documentary Tells the Story of the Great Volkswagen Ads of the ’60s

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Test Your Typographic True Grit link

Raleigh designers, think you know your typefaces? Get ready to smack down on your knowledge of subtle nuances between Perpetua and Palatino, Bell Gothic and Birch: it’s The Rather Difficult Font Game. Thanks to the always enlightening folks at I Love Typography, this one will keep you trying to keep outdoing yourself…and every round is different which keeps it fresh {and slightly addictive to the typophiles out there…} Looking for great type for your next great marketing project? Give Killer Creative a call, or check out these great sources: MyFonts the Largest Selection of Professional Fonts For Any Project Explore Today has Thousands of Fonts with Classic to One-of-a-Kind Fonts from Helvetica to Ambiguity Start Creating

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Linotype: The Film video

"Linotype: The Film" Official Trailer from Linotype: The Film on Vimeo.

In 1886, an inventor named Ottmar Mergenthaler was the first to realize the vision of an automated typesetting machine, speeding up exponentially what had been until then a slow, tedious hand process of setting lead type one single character at a time. This machine would nothing less than revolutionize the printing and publishing industry, uncorking a new wave of communication much as the internet revolutionized our generation. The cutting edge machine that Mergenthaler invented became known as the Linotype (Line o’ type), referring to it’s ability to set metal type an entire line at a time. It was incredibly complex, with many moving parts and took a skilled operator to work it. It immediately became ubiquitous in publishing and print ...

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