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Freeze-O-Matic logo

I admit it, I like rusty old signs and tins. Especially nostalgic ones with old logos or advertising from bygone days– one of my favorite possessions is an old wooden ‘Burma Shave’ sign, one of the remnants of the original low-speed rhyming highway ad campaign. There’s just a beauty, charm and innocence in them that you don’t see anymore that’s hard to put your finger on. Maybe today’s ads are too ubiquitous, too in your face, too impersonal… insert numerous reasons here. So when I saw this faded, paint-chipped, rusting old tag off of a long-gone refrigerator on a table of mish-mashed parts at the Raleigh flea market– I couldn’t put it down. $2 later it had a new home- ...

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Thanks for 14 Amazing Years, Jake image

Dave & Jake, 2003

Last night we lost a good friend of 14 years, and an office mascot to Killer Creative. Anyone who’s stopped by our office in the past few years has no doubt had to step over a happy white furry pile of friendly, among the other pups that roam the office. Jake had a good 14 years, that’s for certain. He loved to ride in the kayak, hang his head out the truck window, and looking out for those he loved. Our one year old was just getting to know him, and was enamored with chasing Jake around the house—but we are thankful that he had that chance. It will be sad coming into work without him, and he will be ...

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Designers Just Get Younger Every Year image

raleigh graphic designer

This week at Killer Creative found us getting a self-mailing brochure printed under a short deadline for a client. This is always a time in the lifespan of a job that is very satisfying, seeing the previous weeks of graphic design work finally coming to production on the printing press. The smell of ink on paper, seeing the vibrant colors laid down– it always looks better, warmer and richer on paper than the electronic version that you’ve been staring at for days on end putting the finishing touches on the page layouts. The tactile feel of the final assembled piece, as you turn the pages, makes every minute worth it. Perhaps it ‘s a flashback to elementary school, when our ...

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