Robert Underwood is one of Raleigh’s unsung heroes. With his quiet and friendly demeanor, he may not catch your attention at first if you caught him in a crowd, but his Raleigh tree service company is one of the first you will call when a storm hits (as they often do in this area) and you need to have a downed tree or several removed from your yard.

His crew are the folks who will awe you as they climb a tall dangerous tree to cut it down one piece at a time, armed with safety ropes and a chainsaw, or if needed a bucket truck where it will fit. Known to travel to faraway states to lend a hand when storms hit there, Underwood Tree Service is one of Raleigh and Cary’s good guys, there to help when you need them. And as a certified arborist, if Robert can help to save a tree instead of removing it, he’s the person you need to talk to.

Killer Creative recently completed a new logo design for Underwood Tree Service, pictured above. Simple, earthy, clean and traditional–yet approachable. Not overstated. Sort of like Robert.