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Designing a Book Cover in 1:55 Seconds video

I’m always amazed at how some customers not familiar with the behind-the-scenes tediousness of the graphic design process expect some designs to be completed in record-breaking time. Perhaps if time WERE sped up, this would be the reality. An ‘easy button’ for design, if you will. Thanks to Lauren Panepinto, Creative Director at Orbit/Yen Press, we have the process of designing a book cover, albeit only a six hour stretch of it, compressed into a speedy, yet revealing 1:55 video. What it does reveal is some of the minute detail work, stock photography image sourcing and retouching that most definitely cannot even begin to happen in a real-time 1:55. Enjoy.

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Validating The Minivan video

Moms and Dads, take heart. The  Sienna Minivan campaign that has been airing recently is trying to let you know, it’s ok— possibly even cool…to surrender to the minivan. But it’s not an ordinary minivan, no, that’s not cool. It’s the Swagger Wagon. AKA: marketing genius. If you’re in the mom and dad demo, then you’ll get it. Your life and individuality becomes background to the demands of the family. You no longer rule the roost…your short little progeny does. You do it all for them. Binkies, bottles, diaper bags, strollers, monitors–these are the surroundings of your new life. The Mini Cooper and pickup truck, reminders of the former life you once knew. You need family transportation now. So how ...

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Thanks for 14 Amazing Years, Jake image

Dave & Jake, 2003

Last night we lost a good friend of 14 years, and an office mascot to Killer Creative. Anyone who’s stopped by our office in the past few years has no doubt had to step over a happy white furry pile of friendly, among the other pups that roam the office. Jake had a good 14 years, that’s for certain. He loved to ride in the kayak, hang his head out the truck window, and looking out for those he loved. Our one year old was just getting to know him, and was enamored with chasing Jake around the house—but we are thankful that he had that chance. It will be sad coming into work without him, and he will be ...

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Corporate Identity Design: Underwood Tree Service image

logo design raleigh underwood tree service

Robert Underwood is one of Raleigh’s unsung heroes. With his quiet and friendly demeanor, he may not catch your attention at first if you caught him in a crowd, but his Raleigh tree service company is one of the first you will call when a storm hits (as they often do in this area) and you need to have a downed tree or several removed from your yard. His crew are the folks who will awe you as they climb a tall dangerous tree to cut it down one piece at a time, armed with safety ropes and a chainsaw, or if needed a bucket truck where it will fit. Known to travel to faraway states to lend a hand ...

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Designers Just Get Younger Every Year image

raleigh graphic designer

This week at Killer Creative found us getting a self-mailing brochure printed under a short deadline for a client. This is always a time in the lifespan of a job that is very satisfying, seeing the previous weeks of graphic design work finally coming to production on the printing press. The smell of ink on paper, seeing the vibrant colors laid down– it always looks better, warmer and richer on paper than the electronic version that you’ve been staring at for days on end putting the finishing touches on the page layouts. The tactile feel of the final assembled piece, as you turn the pages, makes every minute worth it. Perhaps it ‘s a flashback to elementary school, when our ...

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Photo Op: Downtown Raleigh, or Kudzu Will Take Over The South image

raleigh nc skyline stock photo

I was asked recently to help my friend Steve and his wife with a project they are working on for April’s Angels, a local Cary, NC based nonprofit foundation that provides fantasy bedroom makeovers for chronically ill children. They volunteered to help makeover a bedroom with a city theme, complete with a working stoplight and some imagery of our beautiful city of Raleigh. It was the last part they needed a hand with, so Sunday night Steve and I trekked downtown with our cameras in tow to capture some (hopefully) nice sunset scenes of the Raleigh NC skyline. We waited patiently at Boylan Bridge Brewpub for the overcast sky to clear up, enjoying the skyline view with a couple of delicious ...

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Shop Local Raleigh Initiative Launched image

logo design shop local raleigh nc

Raleigh NC’s Greater Raleigh Merchants Association has launched a new initiative, aimed at “promoting and supporting locally-owned, independent businesses. It’s about making your hard-earned money go further, fueling the local economy, and helping to preserve the unique character of Raleigh.” The initiative, Shop Local Raleigh, encourages the public to patronize local restaurants and shops, and to consider making purchases at your local Raleigh stores rather than out-of-state e-commerce sites or big box retailers whenever possible. Keeping purchases local has a huge multiplier effect on the local economy, according to Dr. Mike Walden, distinguished professor and Extension Economist at North Carolina State University. “Every $100,000 that stays in the hands of a local retailer will create another $50,000 of local spending ...

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Creatives Grow Better In the South (west) video

Although this video hails from across the pond, it’s bloody brilliant and entertainingly done. We love it. Where do you think all the Advertising, Design, and Web Design agencies refresh their creative juices from? Perhaps creative and designer types can be a bit ‘out there’ at times but for that extra kick in your corporate advertising campaign they are indispensable. Now you get a great behind the scenes look at one source of that mysterious mojo.

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